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MMSSO cover

The Magic and Menace of SpaceShipOne is now shipping and books will be arriving at your doorstep during November and December.

The final price for US orders is $50.00 and Overseas ~$100.00. Pre-order customers will be contacted for additional payment when their order is ready for shipment, but US customers can make the additional payment at any time. The books will be numbered and shipped in the same order as when they were received.

The first edition of 500 has been sold out… but there is a second printing of 100 copies now available. Don’t wait if you missed the first opportunity—the new edition is selling out quickly as well. The price for the second printing, without pre-order, is $55.00 for US buyers and US$115.00 for overseas buyers (who are invited to contact me for an adjusted price based on shipping cost to their country).

The second printing will include all the same memorabilia as the first edition, as well, and will be hand-signed and -numbered, and inscribed if you request.

But don’t wait—With a very limited additional printing of 100 books they are being depleted quickly, so order now not to be disappointed. (See About the Book for details… and the Book Preview if you’re not yet convinced!)

(Regrettably, the form below refuses to work from overseas – so if you fall into that category and have access to PayPal, then email me at, and we can take that route. If you don’t have PayPal, I can provide you an IBAN number for bank to bank transfer. Thanks!)

If this form is giving you trouble, please email me at and we can sort it out from there.
The above pricing is for US orders.
I regret that this form doesn't work for overseas customers. Options that do are to send the $ directly either through PayPal or Venmo to IBAN is also available as well as a snail mail check.
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The comments for any dedications other notes desired. Please use a separate line for different dedications.