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Brian talks about his new book:

The Magic and Menace of SpaceShipOne is a new book about the incredible civilian spaceflight program orchestrated by the indomitable Burt Rutan over a scant three years, 2001 to 2004. This was the effort that led to Virgin Galactic’s plan to put paying tourists into space. It was the leading news story of 2004, providing a welcome respite from bleak events around the world.

I enjoyed the unique perspective of being Burt’s program manager, his rocket motor test director, and one of his test pilots. Coupled with the additional insights provided by also being Burt’s long-time golf partner, I offer an entirely unique viewpoint, with details not previously addressed, as suggested by the book’s title.

A heartfelt, honest and powerful look at the charismatic aeronautical genius Burt Rutan and his small aerospace company’s quest to win the $10 million XPRIZE.

Mark “Forger“ Stuckey, SpaceShipTwo test pilot and astronaut

About 420 pages include more than 200 color photos, charts, and diagrams, many not previously published. While more technically inclined readers will appreciate the additional tables and notes, as well as sidebars on the intricacies of experimental spaceship testing, I’ve separated these out from the main text to make the book a fun and easy read for those more interested in the human drama and excitement.

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Interested and would like to know more? The link below will take you to a summary of the book’s chapters, and the full text of the Foreword, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.

While I chose to publish this myself, be assured it’s a quality effort — a hardback of high-quality paper and binding. With the books in hand, I am very pleased with the results. The new Amazon editions, hardcover and softcover, match the quality of the presentation editions.

An epic tale on par with the adventures of Lindbergh and Yeager. Brian Binnie tells the behind-the-scenes story of SpaceShipOne, its pursuit of the $10 million XPRIZE and its extraordinary success that launched the private spaceflight revolution.

Peter H. Diamandis, Founder & Exec. Chairman, XPRIZE

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