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Brian Binnie was born in Indiana, raised in Scotland, forged as a US Naval aviator and tested by the prize-winning flight of SpaceShipOne, becoming one of only two wholly civilian astronauts to reach space (so far).

Brian has now recounted his journey behind the stick of some of the hottest aircraft to pierce the sky — as an aviator, as a test pilot, and most of all, from the pilot’s seat of the first private craft to reach space, SpaceShipOne. The Magic & Menace of SpaceShipOne is now shipping! Expect arrivals to occur through the rest of November and December.

Feel free to browse the site for more information… but be sure to place your order for this outstanding personal history of the first steps in civilian space flight before you go! A limited supply of books remain, so don’t delay and be disappointed.


US Customers = $43.00 (includes shipping) / OVERSEAS ~ $100.00 (with shipping).

If you have Pre-ordered with a $25.00 deposit, then please make arrangements to provide the difference. If you have not ordered but wish to do so, the ordering form now reflects the final pricing.

Note: I will not be delay shipping while waiting for reconciliation of the above differences.