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Brian Binnie was born in Indiana, raised in Scotland, forged as a US Naval aviator and tested by the prize-winning flight of SpaceShipOne, becoming one of only two wholly civilian astronauts to reach space (so far).

Brian has now recounted his journey behind the stick of some of the hottest aircraft to pierce the sky — as an aviator, as a test pilot, and most of all, from the pilot’s seat of the first private craft to reach space, SpaceShipOne.

After a very successful run of signed presentation copies, The Magic & Menace of SpaceShipOne is now available directly from Amazon!

NEW! The book is now available in Kindle e-book format as well!

Even though books of this type don’t often translate well to e-book format, we managed to create an excellent facsimile of the entire print book—preserving the organizing page formats, every illustration and more—at both a better price point and one that’s infinitely lighter to hold!

And a new Afterword, discussing commercial spaceflight developments as recent as the flight of Inspiration4, rounds out this new edition.

Feel free to browse the site for more information before you visit the Amazon listing.

Book Order Options

The hardcover presentation edition of 500 copies plus an extension 100 copies is now all but sold out. If you want a copy of Magic and Menace, you have three options:

  1. Drop me email at blacksky@brianbinnie.net.
    We can discuss the few copies I have left (some of which are imperfectly manufactured) and cost to get you a copy with signature, inscription and maybe a folded page or two.
  2. Drop me an email and say you’d really like a good copy of the presentation edition.
    If enough such requests are logged, I may do another short run of the hardcovers. Cost with shipping in the US will be US$75.00, and cost to overseas locations will be by arrangement and much more expensive… on the order of US$100-125.00 Sorry… it’s a really big, heavy book and not friendly to overseas shipping costs.
  3. Jump to Amazon and buy a copy of the book in the new edition.
    Same book, same size, same page count, and very much the same interior page quality (which is very, very good) but, now available in either hardcover or a new, high-quality soft binding. Much more reasonable at US$55.00/65.00 along with whatever deal Amazon gives you for shipping… and available from Amazon worldwide at local price/shipping as well! (Note: most of that price is the high print-on-demand cost for a very large book with color pages… it would be cheaper if I could make it so!) Also—while Amazon calls it a “paperback,” it’s like any other trade-sized softcover book you’ve seen.
  4. NEW! Jump to Amazon and buy a copy for your Kindle reader.
    Save money …and dive in without shipping delays!

(By the way… if you’re a satisfied buyer of the presentation edition, please feel free to add your review to the Amazon listing page. I’d appreciate it!)